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Alpha-Epsilon Pledge Class Initiation

This past fall on October 25th, the brotherhood of Kappa Sigma had the pleasure of welcoming 33 new members into our chapter. Congratulations to David Yarborough, Davis Mullins, Nicholas Cardamone, Elliot Hammond, John Newman, Jackson Amos, Cole Roberts, Davis Rodenberry, Chris Podlin, Paul Sapourn, Jensen Lawrence, Josh Miller, Braden Cathey, Sam Williamson, Graham McPhail, Steven [...]

Alpha-Delta Pledge Class Initiation

On March 21st, we were pleased to initiate the 27 members of the Alpha-Delta pledge class into our esteemed brotherhood. Congratulations to Stefan Dolinsky, Adam Napoletano, Andrew Llewellyn, Avery Hood, Nicholas Beardall, Brian Camilli, Bryan Guerrero, Cole Vaughan, Conner Young, Connor Knox, Dan Llanes, David Lopez, Evan Renz, Joe Sutherland, Fernando Barrosa, Greg Bogos, Jeff [...]

Crescent House Campaign

Crescent House Campaign

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