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Dance Marathon Miracle Cup Winners

The brothers of Delta Delta were crowned the Dance Marathon “Miracle Cup” winners for the 6th time in the last 7 years. On April 5th and 6th, 17 brothers “danced” with 25 ladies of Kappa Delta, their paired sorority, for 26.2 hours, the length of an actual marathon. We raised over $20,000 ourselves and with [...]

Congratulations to the Xi Pledge Class Initiates

Congratulate the following 19 Brothers of the Xi Pledge Class on their initiation into the Delta-Delta Chapter of Kappa Sigma: Blake Oliver, Brandon Lewis, David Gardner, Eric Bracy, John Oakvik, Josh Warpenburg, Matt Wells, Mike Cocchiola, Mike Mazzarella, Patrick Spook, Peter Boulos, Price Hartenstine, Ross Beardsley, Sam Stark, Stephen Henry, Taylor Byrd, Travus White, Wes [...]

A Few Congratulations and Campus Involvement

First join me in congratulating Brothers Ryan Merkel and Seth Mollitt on receiving the Outstanding Leadership Award.  This is a very high honor; only nine UF senior were given the award this year, and we were the only Greek organization to have two of their members selected.  Here’s the link to the article in the [...]

Congratulate These Brothers

Congratulations to the following brothers for winning these awards at the 2007 Greek Awards Banquet. Brother Grand Master Seth Mollitt was named IFC President of the Year and Brother Ryan Merkel was given the William E. Rion Student Involvement Award.  Congratulations to Ryan Merkel for also winning the university’s inaugural Homecoming King competition.

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Crescent House Campaign

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