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Alpha Iota Pledge Class Initiation

Welcome to the newest brothers of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Join us in congratulating Adam Lambert, Byron Fuller, Cameron Schaublin, Chris Childs, Cooper Brown, Daniel Cohen, Jack Bryan, Jake Lewis, Matt Pozca, Max Pierovich, Miguel Amador, Nick Maddron, Nick Manglaris, Nikita Buslov, Patrick Farese, Remy Suarez, Ryan Lebens, Nick Rubbo, Scott “Scooter” Sims, Shane Raudenbush, [...]

Fall Rush 2017

The brothers of the Delta Delta chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity would like to welcome any and all gentlemen participating in Rush this semester to attend any of our events and meet our brothers. The Kappa Sigma house is located at 1120 SW 9th Road, just beside Delta Phi Epsilon. If you are interested [...]

Alpha-Theta Pledge Class Initiation

This past Spring, we proudly initiated 15 members into our ranks. Please join us in congratulating Alec Murawski, Alec Unland, Ben Coll, Clayton Stein, Daniel Fierro, Ethan Sevor, J.R. Molm, Joe Carr, Kien Vu, Leo Moreira, Matt Duffy, Matt Sullivan, Omar Temraz, Ryan Rosengard, and Vincent Ramirez into our ranks. Welcome to the Twelfth Gate.

Alpha-Eta Pledge Class Initiation

This past fall, the following 31 men were granted membership within our Chapter. Please join us in congratulating Aaron Prohaska, Alex Esperanza, Andy Ma, Austin Kocher, Brad Massey, Brett Burnette, Brian Spivak, Christian DePersio, Cordell Vincent, Dalton Smith, Danny Galloza, David Berryman, Luke Newquist, Jacob Fredriksson, Harrison Long, Jake Bloom, Jake Hoelscher, Jeffrey Thompson, Kyle [...]

Alpha-Zeta Pledge Class Initiation

This past Saturday the following 22 men were granted membership within our Chapter. Congratulations to Brandon Ewing, Jordan Repollo, Michael Kaladeen, Tommy Dambrosio, Daniel Faunce, Chase Lynch, Cheney Hedrick, Cody Tipping, Hussein Zilouchian, Jerry Staret, Mitch Licht, Kevin Cusack, Andre Revas, Jake Parsons, Cole Abrahamson, Mir Ahmed, Adam Sillins, Ethan Weber, Matthew Bartolotti, Andrew Bartolotti, [...]

Alpha-Epsilon Pledge Class Initiation

This past fall on October 25th, the brotherhood of Kappa Sigma had the pleasure of welcoming 33 new members into our chapter. Congratulations to David Yarborough, Davis Mullins, Nicholas Cardamone, Elliot Hammond, John Newman, Jackson Amos, Cole Roberts, Davis Rodenberry, Chris Podlin, Paul Sapourn, Jensen Lawrence, Josh Miller, Braden Cathey, Sam Williamson, Graham McPhail, Steven [...]

Alpha-Delta Pledge Class Initiation

On March 21st, we were pleased to initiate the 27 members of the Alpha-Delta pledge class into our esteemed brotherhood. Congratulations to Stefan Dolinsky, Adam Napoletano, Andrew Llewellyn, Avery Hood, Nicholas Beardall, Brian Camilli, Bryan Guerrero, Cole Vaughan, Conner Young, Connor Knox, Dan Llanes, David Lopez, Evan Renz, Joe Sutherland, Fernando Barrosa, Greg Bogos, Jeff [...]

Alpha Gamma Pledge Class Initiation

On November 9th, the brotherhood of Kappa Sigma initiated the Alpha-Gamma pledge class into the Delta-Delta chapter.  We are very proud to have these 32 gentlemen as our new brothers.

Successful Fall Rush

The brothers of the Delta-Delta chapter would like to congratulate all that were involved in our very successful fall rush.  Special thanks goes out to the Rush Committee:
Cody Dalton - Rush Chair
Jack Crisafi - Assistant Rush Chair
Mac Bailey - Assistant Rush Chair
We look forward to getting to know and growing closer with our new Alpha-Gamma [...]

Fall Rush 2014

The brothers of the Delta-Delta Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity would like to welcome all gentleman at the University of Florida to attend our annual Fall Rush.  During Rush, there will be lunch, dinner, and evening sessions, in which we encourage all prospective rushees to come out to and meet the brothers.
We are located [...]

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